Sunday, 7 February 2016

Download Free E Book pdf. ; Read Online ; India's Struggle For Independence by Bipan Chandra Mridula Mukherjee, Aditya Mukherjee, K N Panikkar, Sucheta Mahajan

India's Struggle For Independence 
This Book is crucial for many competitive examinations. Though the book has been in controversy for being little more cordial towards the role of Indian National Congress in National Struggle For Independence but that is not the point which makes it less significant for preparation of any competitive exam, reason being that no examiner is going to ask you your perspective rather questions are highly objective in approach. Moreover in written examinations, objectivity is the major goal. So be it, this is a kind of necessary evil. Besides the book is in good and presentable form and tries to cover the nuances of modern History in a comprehensive manner. The book has nicely presented the formation of Indian National Congress, Its Myths and realities. Book has elaborate account of peasant and other rebellions of national importance. Major coverage is given to the part of History which strictly deals with the processes of National Struggle.

Friday, 5 February 2016

History: A Refresher; A Fantastic Article on The Different Aspects of History by a Literary Luminary, Dr. Satish Kumar Shukla

Part I

LIKE much other APRA KNOWLEDGE (Mundkopanishad), HISTORY TOO IS a matter of human perspective on various natural phenomena. The popular concept of history comprises, typically, drawing into introspection thought based on retrospection on that which is past. In its absolute human connotations history is collative in nature unlike many a natural phenomenon which occurs in isolation, independent of humans, say as in development of a particular element or a metal or a substance. All physics, all chemistry, all biology, all geology, in fact all natural science happens independent of humans.

Read Online 'What is History', one of the best books on Historiography by E. H. Carr in Pdf Format; Download Pdf books on Historiography; Theory Methods and Methedology of History

Download For Free in Pdf. format

What Is History
Author - E H Carr
This book is one of the best books available in market for  learning Historiography in simplest way. It deals with the important themes of Historiography like Historian and his facts, cause , objectivity etc.

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Sectional Crisis in United States of America; American Civil War, Journey to the building of United States of America in brief

Sectional Crisis in Unites States of America
Rameshwar Dutt
Panjab University,Chandigarh

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Must Read books for sure success in CBSE UGC NET English Literature (For Thorough Study)/ Books, Notes, Previous Years Question Papers for CBSE NET Literature English June 2016

The present era is the era of competition. The one who is well prepared stands chance to succeed. Once again it all depends on what books you refer to. The competition of today is not the kind where one is expected to do a lot of labor and hard work and also not of the kind where simply learning things bye rote would serve the purpose. Examiners and paper setters have grown smart over the years. So the competition today expects students to have thorough knowledge of each and everything that is related to exam. But reading and learning everything concerning subject is hilarious task and almost unachievable. So one needs smart approach even to read things thoroughly.One step is choosing the books smartly and not going by the marketing gimicks of publishers.

Fresh Recruitments, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, Intelliugence Bureau Recruitments- Personal Assistant 2016; Apply for Sarkari Naukari, MHA IB Personal Assistant/ Junior Intelligence Officer-69 Posts

Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India invites application for the recruitment of Personal Assistant in Intelligence Bureau (IB) on a regular basis. The job besides being a regular and the reputed one provides an opportunity to serve the country in a most efficient manner.

Interested candidates should apply online as soon as possible as the last date to submit the online application is 20 February 2016.

Read the notification thoroughly before filling the online examination form. Keep the requirements ready before you proceed with filling the application form.