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Books, Study Material, Notes recommended for UGC CBSE NET JRF in History 2016 Paper II and Paper III core studies; Must read books for all competitive examinations (PART-I)

UGC/ CBSE NET JRF- History : History is an ocean in which the deeper you go, the more mysteries you tend to uncover. Indian history is no less an adventure for the admirers of History. But it all does not end with that. History is becoming more popular subject with the passage of time and its demand in always in the rise, be it any competitive exam. Comprehensively the in exams like UPSC and and other, knowing a bit more of history would always be an edge. But career in History alone is no less lucrative or less rewarding. 
UGC offers a healthy scholarship of  Rs. 25000+ HRA / month to the students who succeed in qualifying JRF and no need to get disappointed for other too as there are multiples ways to get your research in History funded. ICHR, JL Nehru scholarship and some other university scholarship are more than sufficient to carry forward your pursuit to learning.
UGC NET is an essential criterion for becoming an assistant professor and for pursuing research. 
So here is a suggestion on as to how you can start this pursuit. I have tried to put together some resourceful books out of which you could choose depending on the availability and the choice. Your suggestions and feed-backs are the most valued and treasured possession of my blog so feel free to give your views for the further improvisation of the website. Worthy appraisals and suggestions would be entertained and duly rewarded. 


 A Wonder That was India (English)
  Author - A. L. Basham 
This book is an excellent piece of work by A L Basham, a legendary author in History who has authored many books and taught in most reputed universities world over. The chapterization of  book is different than other books and covers all aspects of ancient history simultaneously. The book though is a masterpiece but has not been updated as Basham passed away long back. So you make your choice.

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India's Ancient Past
Author - R.S. Sharma
R.S. Sharma is a prominent Historian who had experience of writing a good no. of titles in history. He is known for his legendary work on Indian Feudalism. This book provides an insight into Indian history. The book is simple and lucid. So is it comprehensive.The syllabus is almost covered entirely  but not the quantum you would desire of any specific topic. Above all this book is a good recommendation for UGC-NET-JRF test.

The Penguin History of Early India (From origin to 1300 A.D)
Author - Romila Thapar 
This book is yet another resource when it comes to the preparation of UGC NET or any other subject specific examination of History. This book has been updated by author many times who herself is a great Historian of India. Having done her PhD in SOAS london under the supervision of A.L. Basham, thapar has journeyed a long way to reach this designation of a prominent historian. The book serves the purpose for the ancient India overview of history.
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Ancient India in Historical Outline
Author - D. N. Jha 
This book is a brief accout of ancient Indian History well written by D.N. Jha. The very Introduction of the book is quite resourceful providing an insight as to how the writing of Indian History came into being and how the interest of various Historians was aroused in the history of civilization which inspite of being  continuous for more than 3000 years remains unnoticed. This book does not provide a detailed account but brief well researched study
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In order to score well in UGC NET, Ancient India you could at least study two of these books mostly recommended for all competitive exams in India. If can try your hands upon IGNOU and NOS notes, nothing gets better than that. But be careful while choosing the text to study as IGNOU and NOS would not be able to cover the syllabus wholly but partly. In UGC NET, most of the times very awkward questions are asked like statements and assertion based. At other times, they would ask you about the quotations of the prominent authors. Yet another theme that ranks prominent in UGC NET History is sources of the past like coins, archaeological sources, art, sculptor, painting and so on. SO might love to go through some extra resources other than these books to get a good grip over syllabus.


A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India