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Recommended books for the preparation of UPSC IAS,HPPSC HPAS 2020-21 Pre and Mains Examination ;HPPSC Himachal Pradesh Administrative Service : Best books for Preparation and question papers of previous years

The books you buy must be just precise and dealing with the content that you need and nothing extra. Whereas market is flooded with the lucrative offers.

Download HPAS preious year Question Papers 
Download UPSC IAS question papers 

So here are few recommendations for the pre and mains examinations, which might help you in your preparations. And you make your decision what suits you the best. I will provide  some options here and do look for the reviews of these books online as well.

All are familiar with the fact that the importance of NCERT books, IGNOU and NIOS study material can not be overlooked as far as preparation of examinations like HPAS, IAS , NT and few others is concerned.

I will provide link to download all the books of NCERT in pdf format 

As far as HPAS is concerned, some books like A WONDERLAND HIMACHAL PRADESH by Jagmohan Balokhra are indispensable. A new version is already in publishing house and will soon be available for sale. Others are already available. So go ahead, take a pick and go on. Wish a very good luck for the exam.

Books Recommended for HPAS pre examination:

General Studies (HPAS ONLY)

The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh

Author - Jagmohan Balokhra
Publication- H.G. Publication
Price -530 

लोकिक हिमाचल प्रदेश

Author - Jagmohan Balokhra
Publication- H.G. Publication
Price -530

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General Studies Books 

Indian Polity 5th Edition by  M. Lakshmikant 
Publication-  Mc Graw Hills  Education
Indian Polity by M.Lakshmikant is one of the most recommended books for UPSC IAS examination. The best thing about book is its structure. The book is in notes form and there is no need to make separate notes for Polity if you read this book. The language of the book is also very simple and free flowing.
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Indian Economy : For Civil Services Examinations 8th Edition by Ramesh Singh
Publication-  McGraw Hills Education
Before you read anything else about economy, I think you must for once know what economy is. Ramesh Singh has done a great job by providing nuances of economy in simplest form.Besides this is a popular book.
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Geography of India 6th  Edition by Majid Husain
Publication-  McGraw Hills Education

Majid Husain writes in simple language but the book has some outdated data and stats. Better compare as per your need. Also this book is not recommended for Geography optional Mainz Exam.Click to Buy on Flipkart

Certificate Physical and Human Geography 
by Goh Che Long    Publication- Oxford University Press
Tried and tested the book has long reputation of brief and precise content. One of the best books in short. It would seem as if you are reading an NCERT book while going through this book. Also, now new edition of the book is available which is duly updated.

History of Modern India 1st Edition by - Bipan Chandra
Publication-  Orient Blackswan: 2009
The book is brief and concise. Though some facts might attract controversy but overall the book covers all the topics and suffices the need of modern history for UPSC exmination. Also Spectrum History by Rajiv Ahir is equally good.

India's Struggle For Independence  by - Bipan Chandra
Publication-  Penguin
This book is good given the Indian Freedom Struggle phase especially after the Revolt of 1857.The book has few chapters which are exclusive to the modern history writing. The chapters like Exploding the myth of formation of Indian National Congress are analytical as well as open to criticism.  Worth buying.

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Indian Art and Culture  by - Nitin Singhania
Publication-  Penguin
Indian Art and Antiquity is distinguished in the world. There are many questions asked  from Art and Culture of India. It is tough to remember facts pertaining to Indian culture when you read it from various books. This s a simple book covering little but significant facts.

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India 2016 (Year Book BY Govt. Publication)
Govt. of India (Ministry of information broadcasting)

Oxford School Atlas (With CD)
Author - Oxford University Press
Oxford School Atlas is sufficient for HPPSC, UPSC and other state level competitive examinations.This is the latest edition. Also you can opt for Atlas by Orient Blackswan which is equally good.
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Orient Blackswan School Atlas (With CD)
Author - Oxford University Press
This is also a good atlas and sufficient for the UPSC preparation.

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Economic Survey 2015 - 16 (Set of 2 Volumes) (English)
Author -Govt. of India (Ministry finance)
Publication-  Oxford University Press

Read THE HINDU online 

Download Free NCERT BOOKS

Download NIOS study material online

Read Yojna and Kurukshetra online and 


Books For CSAT 

A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Revised Edition

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations 17th Edition
Author - R.S. Aggarwal

Download HPAS preious year Question Papers 

Download UPSC IAS question papers 


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    1. Thanks to share the details. I recommend the books which are the best to cover the GATE syllabus and also which is easier to understand the concepts.You can get all the gate exam preparation books from the ice Gate Institute which is a best institute for gate exam preparation.

  2. This book does not require any ratings/reviews. People who are preparing for UPSC, must have to read this book. You can find many questions from this book in UPSC - Prelims paper. I think, who has understood this book completely, does not require refer any other book for Indian Polity.

    1. Thats right ..The polity has been simplified by M. Lakshmikant

  3. These books are awesome but i want to know that will these be good for 2016 GATE mechanical engineering.

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