Thursday, 4 February 2016

Must Read books for sure success in CBSE UGC NET English Literature (For Thorough Study)/ Books, Notes, Previous Years Question Papers for CBSE NET Literature English June 2016

The present era is the era of competition. The one who is well prepared stands chance to succeed. Once again it all depends on what books you refer to. The competition of today is not the kind where one is expected to do a lot of labor and hard work and also not of the kind where simply learning things bye rote would serve the purpose. Examiners and paper setters have grown smart over the years. So the competition today expects students to have thorough knowledge of each and everything that is related to exam. But reading and learning everything concerning subject is hilarious task and almost unachievable. So one needs smart approach even to read things thoroughly.One step is choosing the books smartly and not going by the marketing gimicks of publishers.

Here are some options to choose from. Some of the books are tried and tested whereas others stand to the scrutiny of readers. So go ahead and choose your pick. And of course, wish you luck. 

A must read for all English literature students 

A Glossary of Literary Terms 10th Edition      Author -M. H. Abrams, Geoffrey Harpham

Publisher - Wadsworth 2012 

Price- Rs. 210 Discount 29% off  - Rs. 148 

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  Books for History of English Literature

A History of English Literature

Author -Compton Rickett

Publisher - UBS Publishers Delhi

Price- Rs. 335 Discount 25% off  - Rs. 248 

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History of English Literature ,Albert 

Author - Alberts

Publisher - OUP 2009

Price- Rs. 225 Discount 17% off  - Rs. 185

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Books on Literary Criticism and Theory

Beginning Theory 3rd Edition

Author -  Peter Barry

Publisher - Viva Books 2010

Price -Rs. 295, 28% off - Rs. 210 

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A History Of Literary Criticism And Theory: From Plato To The Present

Author -  M A R Habib

Publisher - Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. 

Price -Rs. 1495, 27% off - Rs. 1091

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