Sunday, 6 October 2013

Prepare For Competitive Exams; Guidelines

                                    How to prepare for Competitive Exam;Introduction
Friends, competition in India has lately become tough with the competitors from wide reaches of the country. Everyone eyes to be the best and bring the best out of him when it comes to competing in such examinations.Be it IAS, IFS, IIT, IIM, medical examination , engineering examination, CA, Bank PO or anything under the sun. No one would play light games with competition these days as it has really become very tough with large number of candidates and less no. of seats to easily get through any exam. But still we have no option but to fight. Come what may. Come rain come shine, prepare we must. So the question that pops  up in mind is simply how to excel when the streets are already filled with the candidates proclaiming to be the best competitors in the world.
In introduction, I would simply deal with it in brief. May be later I can come up with an article where we can broadly discuss this at length.
Now what is the key to success in such circumstances ?? Is it hard work ? Learning everything word by word , sentence by sentence. Or Piling up books at home and coming to all one by one. Or what ?? 
Friends , gone are the days when competition was defined by the hard labour and burning midnight oil. With the transformation in the world , information and technology and other social aspects, the competition was but natural to get a make over. So now no covering all topics with hard work but smartness is needed everywhere now. Of course you will have to be serius and some hard work is also needed but only smart hard work and well calculated and analysed. A research before preparing for any exam would be good idea and we will come to that later.

But friends the most important aspect is How to preapre and what should be the media ? A usual the media has not changes but of course certain ways like how to use it and the extent of usage has changed a bit. Like in late nineties in any competition, the role of any electronics media like computer, television, internet was almost neglisible and the print media like newspaper and magazine played some role. But the 21st century has been revolutionised with the advent of technology. 
Also the perspective and ideology of examination has changed alot. So have changed the preprations.
Now the lone loads of books can not do everything as it used to be. Now we need to rely upon other sources such as internet, TV, magazines, newspapers, and books in a balanced way.
Now the books you choose decide your fate in competition so it is the most important part of the prepration. In this blog, I would try to help the people who are eager to prepare for any competitive exam but lack the proper guidance and approach. 
I will help finding the best books and the sources to get them whether hard copy or soft copy.
I will categorize the blog so that it becomes easy for you to choose. For now that would be all.

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