Tuesday, 7 April 2020

HPPSC I HPAS Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Exam 2020 Postponed From 26th April; Exam Date to Be Notified Later

HPPSC 2020

The Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Exam was scheduled on 26 th April 2020 where thousands of students had registered. Now amidst the COVID-19 Corona Virus Crisis, the exam has been postponed and the date of the exma will be notified once the things get normal. As of now, the India faces a complete lockdown till 14th April and there is a curfew imposed in Himachal Pradesh as well.  The date of examination will be updated soon.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Recommended books for the preparation of UPSC IAS,HPPSC HPAS 2020-21 Pre and Mains Examination ;HPPSC Himachal Pradesh Administrative Service : Best books for Preparation and question papers of previous years

The books you buy must be just precise and dealing with the content that you need and nothing extra. Whereas market is flooded with the lucrative offers.

Download HPAS preious year Question Papers 
Download UPSC IAS question papers 

UPSC IAS I IFSI Civil Services Examination 2020 Apply Online Now I Read Important Books For Civil Services IAS I Recommemded Books List

Finally, the much-awaited notification of UPSC IAS is out and this is the time that we rush to fill the online examination before it gets too late. UPAS conducts common pre-examination for Indian Administrative Services and Indian Forest Services every year. IAS is the most prestigious exam in the country where more than five lakh students try at their luck after rigorous preparations.
The exam has three tough stages where candidates are tested in almost all streams of life including the interpersonal skills, social skills and other such skills.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Himachal Fresh Recruitment I HPPSC I Various Vacancies I Tehsil Welfare Officer I Assistant Professor Pharmacy I Executive Officer , Secretary (Municipal Corporations) 2020)

HPPSC Shimla has brought out recruitment notice for various posts :

Advertisement No. 2
Advertisement No. 3 

There are ten posts of Executive Officer (Executive State Municipal Services) (on contract basis) in Pay band: 10300-34800/- + 4800/- (GP) (contractual emoluments will be paid to contract appointees as admissible)   and Nine posts of Secretary (Executive State Municipal Services) (on contract basis) in Pay band: 10300-34800/- + 4600/- (GP) (contractual emoluments will be paid to contract appointees as admissible)
In addition to this, one post of Manager (General) Class-A (on regular basis) has also been advertised in H.P. General Industries Corporation Ltd. under the Department of Industries, H.P. in pay scale: 15600-39100/- + 6600/- (GP)

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Important and Recommended books for CBSE UGC NET JRF History in Hindi Medium/ Itihas vishaya me CBSE UGC NET JRF ke Liye important books (यु जी सी / नैट / जे आर ऍफ़ इतिहास के लिए महत्त्वपूर्ण पुस्तके एवं सुझाव )/ Previous Years/ 12 Years Solved Question Papers 2019-20

यूं . जी . सी / नैट / जे आर ऍफ़ : इतिहास एक अथाह सागर के समान है जो कई रहस्यों को अपने में समेटे हुए हैं . जितना अधिक आप इसे खोजते हैं उतने ही नए आयाम आपके समक्ष प्रकट हो जाते हैं . इतिहास के प्रशंसको के लिए भारत का इतिहास भी इसी तरह कई राज़ अपने में समेटे हुए हैं . परन्तु इसके साथ ही यहाँ पाठ्यक्रम का एक महत्वपूर्ण विषय बनता जा रहा है . भारत की कई परीक्षायों में इसकी लोकप्रियता और भी अधिक बढ़ गयी है. सिविल सेवा की परीक्षा में इतिहास का एक विशिष्ट स्थान है . इसके अलावा इसकी लोकप्रियता के और भी कई कारण हैं . 
यु .जी . सी . / नैट/ जे आर ऍफ़  की छात्रवृति 18000 से बढ़कर  25000 प्रति माह कर दी गयी है . इसके अलावा contingency ग्रांट का भी प्रावधान हैं जिससे आप पुस्तके अथवा अन्य शोध का सामन खरीद सकते हैं . नेट की परीक्षा शिक्षण संस्थानों में एक अध्यापक पद के लिए भी आवश्यक है . इस वेबसाइट में मैंने इस परीक्षा के लिए जरुरी पुस्तकों का उल्लेख किया है . 

Friday, 10 August 2018

Result of Naib Tehsildar and Tehsil Welfare Officer 2018; Apply For Mains Written Examination; Books suggested for reading for sure success.


The HPPSC has declared the result of Naib Tehsildar and Tehsil Welfare Officer Exam conducted in June 2018. You can check your results by following the link given below. If you have made it to the pre-examination, many congratulations to you and wish you luck for the mains examination that is soon coming up. But it is advised to the candidates that they do not take it easy as there has been a paradigmatic shift in the pattern of the examination given the cut throat competition. Please check the books suggested for reading. Also link is given below to check the result of Naib Tehsil Mains Examination 2016. Personal Test is awaited.

Books and Other Study Resources 
- Newspaper and Magazines 

Monday, 18 December 2017

CDS Examination, Combined Defense Services Exam 2018 I Study Material and Books Reference and Recommendation For Sure Success in Exam I UPSC CDS Examination 2018 I Practice Material and Previous Years Papers

CDS , Combined Defence Services Examination 2018 is round the corner and it is high time that preparations are made in time. Exam as usual tends to test the ability and skill of candidates like none other examination. There are different stages of the examination but the written examination is the most important one. In order to qualify the written examination, it is recommended that good and thorough preparations are made on time. And books, of course, are the most important instrument in deciding your success in the examinations. 
Here are a few suggestion which might come handy in your preparations. Do leave remarks or suggestions if any in the comments section and share if you like the post.

Let's Crack CDS Examination Series
Author - SSB Crack
This book is one of the bestseller books for NDA And CDS Examination. It also has a free ebook inside the package.

NDA Examination 2018 I National Defence Academy I Naval AcademyBooks Most Recommended For The Written Examination I Read Reviews, Compare Books and Choose the Best I Mathematics Books For NDA& NA I Previous Years Papers and Practice Papers


NDA EXAM is the lifetime dream of some students who would like to get the best guidance in order to make it without a fail to the Academy. Here are some of the suggestion about the books that you can read in order to get a good score in the written examination. It is must to read good books as time is crucial factor in the preparation of any examination, NDA in particular. If you have a good score in the written examination, it will certainly give you an edge. UPSC will bring out notification in the first or second week of the January. Once examination forms are filled , candidates are hardly left with much time to plan for study. So it is must to start preparation on time, if you have not already started it. Wishing you luck, here are some suggestions. If you have some suggestions, do write in comments section. 

CBSE UGC NET I Key And Answer Sheets Uploaded for NET Exam held in November 2017I Check online I Question Papers of UGC NET

Friday, 1 December 2017

CBSE UGC NET 2018, Must Read Books For Preparation, Best Reference Books ECONOMICS

Datt & Sundram's Indian Economy

Author - Ashwani Mahajan Gaurav Datt
Datt and Sundram is well known name in Indian Economy. Read the review online to get the better idea of the book. The book is huge and well organized.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Books recommended for UGC NET English Literature , 2018, Objective Books for English Literature, Practice Books For Must Success

UGC NET  Examination is once again nearing and the preparations should speed up.But one thing is quite certain that if you don't have right guidance and right study material, success is very unlikely. Market is already flooded with thousands of books when the question of exams such a NET arises. But do you really have to choose from all that trash? I think not really. Better books always increase your chances 10 times to qualify any kind of examination.
As every student is aware, there are three papers one has to go through.

Paper I is teaching aptitude and is common for all and Paper II and Paper III are separate for subjects

Although thorough study is needed but still objective books provide you the practice material and give the better idea of examination. I am giving details of all books objective as well subjective which so far have been ranked best by the candidates who already have been through and the ones who are still preparing.

Books For Paper II and Paper III

An Objective Approach to English Literature for NET, JRF, SLET and Pre-Ph.D. Author: Ivan K. Masih, K. K. Narayan, Pandey Om Prakash, Rahmat Jahan, Neeraj Kumar

Publisher: Atlantic (2007)  

Price : Rs. 450- 35% Off =Rs.292

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Monday, 20 November 2017

CBSE UGC NET 2018 I Best books for UGC NET Paper -I for sure success in the exam; Teaching and Research Aptitude; Compulsory Paper

Paper I in UGC NET JRF is crucial one. If you are targeting high and plan to get JRF to fund your education, better get good at paper -I . Most of the students who are good at their own subject fail to fare well in paper I and end up not even getting through NET. So my advice, follow the best resources and get down to work. It is just the matter of one month regular preparation. Some of the books I have suggested from which you can make your choice or be the best judge for yourself. Good Luck!

CBSE UGC Net Teaching and Research Aptitude (Paper-I)
Author - Arihant Experts
Fairly priced at around 285, the book is apt for self study. The book can get you fairly good marks if studied thoroughly.
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Friday, 25 August 2017

Books, Study Material, Notes recommended for UGC CBSE NET JRF in History 2016 Paper II and Paper III core studies; Must read books for all competitive examinations (Objective Type and Reference Books )

Though it is good to read history thoroughly and topic-wise, but we might need some reference books and also the books which provide us with a fare share of practice before we appear in examination. These books do not serve everything in silver plate but I am sure that you will gain some confidence going through them once you have finished syllabus once. These books are bulky and a bit costlier. But it is you who need to take decision.

 Indian History and Culture  by  - V.K. Agnihotri
This is a complete encyclopedia of history with loads of objective questions to solve. But you might think again solely relying upon it for UGC NET as many questions in UGC NET which are pro Historiography. Except for this , this book provides you with a lot of study and practice material. Go for it if your pocket allows.
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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Books, Study Material, Notes recommended for UGC CBSE NET JRF in History 2016 Paper II and Paper III core studies; Must read books for all competitive examinations (PART-I)

UGC/ CBSE NET JRF- History : History is an ocean in which the deeper you go, the more mysteries you tend to uncover. Indian history is no less an adventure for the admirers of History. But it all does not end with that. History is becoming more popular subject with the passage of time and its demand in always in the rise, be it any competitive exam. Comprehensively the in exams like UPSC and and other, knowing a bit more of history would always be an edge. But career in History alone is no less lucrative or less rewarding. 
UGC offers a healthy scholarship of  Rs. 25000+ HRA / month to the students who succeed in qualifying JRF and no need to get disappointed for other too as there are multiples ways to get your research in History funded. ICHR, JL Nehru scholarship and some other university scholarship are more than sufficient to carry forward your pursuit to learning.
UGC NET is an essential criterion for becoming an assistant professor and for pursuing research. 
So here is a suggestion on as to how you can start this pursuit. I have tried to put together some resourceful books out of which you could choose depending on the availability and the choice. Your suggestions and feed-backs are the most valued and treasured possession of my blog so feel free to give your views for the further improvisation of the website. Worthy appraisals and suggestions would be entertained and duly rewarded. 


 A Wonder That was India (English)
  Author - A. L. Basham 
This book is an excellent piece of work by A L Basham, a legendary author in History who has authored many books and taught in most reputed universities world over. The chapterization of  book is different than other books and covers all aspects of ancient history simultaneously. The book though is a masterpiece but has not been updated as Basham passed away long back. So you make your choice.

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                        Download Free Pdf

Monday, 6 February 2017

Indian Railway Recruitment; Fresh Recruitments RRB 2017; Around 18000 Vacancies; Books, Resources, Notes and guidance For The Exam; Practice Sets, Solved Papers (Non-Technical Cadre)

Ministry of Indian Railway, Govt. of India has notified the Recruitments for around 18000 vacancies
of various Posts like Traffic Apprentice, Enquiry cum Reservation Clerk, Commercial Apprentice, Junior Accounts Assistant, Assistant Station Master, Traffic Assistant. Though The Registrations for The Exam have already been closed , it is time to gear up all the preparations. Here are some recommendations about books, notes and other study material which could  be useful for the preparation of Examination. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

CBSE UGC NET JRF JULY AUGUST 2016 Improvised Results and Cut Off Marks; UGC NET Results July 2016


The results for CBSE UGC NET July 2016 have been declared. The results can be obtained by filling in the roll number and the date of birth. Follow the link to trace the cut off marks and other eligibility criteria. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Central Board of Secondary Education conducts National Eligibility Test (NET) on behalf of UGC, Delhi. for the eligibility of JRF and Assistant Professor. CBSE has made few changes in the trend that had persisted for years together. Earlier it was held on last Sunday of  June and December whereas now so such formula would be applied. Instead of June the test  was held in July 10th and the forthcoming test has been notified by CBSE on 22nd of January.

NET is held in 83 subjects in 89 selected NET examination cities across the country. 




Sunday, 7 February 2016

Download Free E Book pdf. ; Read Online ; India's Struggle For Independence by Bipan Chandra Mridula Mukherjee, Aditya Mukherjee, K N Panikkar, Sucheta Mahajan

India's Struggle For Independence 
This Book is crucial for many competitive examinations. Though the book has been in controversy for being little more cordial towards the role of Indian National Congress in National Struggle For Independence but that is not the point which makes it less significant for preparation of any competitive exam, reason being that no examiner is going to ask you your perspective rather questions are highly objective in approach. Moreover in written examinations, objectivity is the major goal. So be it, this is a kind of necessary evil. Besides the book is in good and presentable form and tries to cover the nuances of modern History in a comprehensive manner. The book has nicely presented the formation of Indian National Congress, Its Myths and realities. Book has elaborate account of peasant and other rebellions of national importance. Major coverage is given to the part of History which strictly deals with the processes of National Struggle.